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Monarch Athletics

Northside High School, Jacksonville, NC (Est: SY 2001-2002)...***2016-17 NCHSAA 2A State Basketball Championhip (30-0) ...*** 2016 NCHSAA 2AA State Football Championship Runner-Ups...***2017-18 New Member 3A Coastal Conference (Havelock, Jacksonville, Northside, Swansboro, West Carteret, White Oak)...***2017-18 NCHSAA 3A State Basketball Championship Runner-Ups (29-1/59 Consecutive Wins)


Monarch Athletics

Northside High School, Jacksonville, NC (Est: SY 2001-2002)...***2016-17 NCHSAA 2A State Basketball Championhip (30-0) ...*** 2016 NCHSAA 2AA State Football Championship Runner-Ups...***2017-18 New Member 3A Coastal Conference (Havelock, Jacksonville, Northside, Swansboro, West Carteret, White Oak)...***2017-18 NCHSAA 3A State Basketball Championship Runner-Ups (29-1/59 Consecutive Wins)

Monarch Athletics

Northside High School, Jacksonville, NC (Est: SY 2001-2002)...***2016-17 NCHSAA 2A State Basketball Championhip (30-0) ...*** 2016 NCHSAA 2AA State Football Championship Runner-Ups...***2017-18 New Member 3A Coastal Conference (Havelock, Jacksonville, Northside, Swansboro, West Carteret, White Oak)...***2017-18 NCHSAA 3A State Basketball Championship Runner-Ups (29-1/59 Consecutive Wins)

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Week 38(31)-143rd School Day *Academics #1 *Athletic Season Completed 

Doors open for students 6:30/7:08-Morning Bell/7:13-1st Period Starts/2:15-Dismiss...Check the NHS Athletic Calendar Above For All NHS School & Athletic Events-Updated Daily(sometimes hourly)...GO MONARCHS!  


Tune in to WAVQ 95.5 FM...Thank You To The "Q" For Your Support Of The Monarchs! "Covering The Monarchs"-Home & Away 


WELCOME Classes of 2019-2020-2021-2022...The Monarch has Important Announcements on your School Website Home Page "Our School"...check them out! 


AVID National Demonstration School renewal! CONGRATULATIONS! Go Monarchs! 


Queens University heading to DII Nationals...Note #15 Freshman Kenny Dye/2018 NHS star Grad student-athlete...Go Royals! 


John Getty retires after 32 years of officiating high school wrestling...A Class ACT! 


Wrestling Ref John Getty not only called the matches for 32 years, he also volunteered to sing our National Anthem..."Our Singing Ref" 


Senior Leia Cabradillia may have a shot on goal...Selected as "Area Female Player of the Week" March 11-16...2nd year selected! 


2019 Girls Lacrosse Team & Coach Harris (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Can you see the difference in the gear worn by Girls Lacrosse vs Boys Lacrosse? Thanks for modeling Julie! 


Goalie Madalynn Brunner (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Neutral Scorekeepers? (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Senior Defender Kyra Jones moves in with her eye on Jacksonville's ball possession (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Cards try to score over Goalie Madalynn Brunner & Sydney Ellis (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Good odds Monarchs! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Kelsey McMinn moves in for a pass or shot on goal (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Sydney Ellis Passing in Jacksonville game (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Kelsey McMinn signals that she has a shot! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Senior Leia Cabradillia makes quick pursuit of Cardinal ball carrier (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


GREAT move Kelsey! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Julie Douangdara fights for the ball (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Sophomore Shya Gambrell runs with the ball ahead of a Cardinal defender (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Somebody get that elusive yellow ball - Preferably a Monarch!(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Battle For The Ball NHS vs JHS (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Leia looking for a goal opportunity (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Kelsey Determination... (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Ready to get started? (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


"Faceoff" gets the Lacrosse match started as Monarchs host Cardinals (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Sr Rashard Anderson (11) & Sr Lacy Williams (2) get into the action. 


Antonio Dominguez moves toward a score vs Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Goalie Tyler Gambrell releasing the ball to a teammate downfield (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Halftime Break & Planning (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Coach Harris making a point to improve...(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Lacy Williams turning the corner with a Cardinal defender in pursuit (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


"Let's Go - MONARCHS!" 


Sophomore Jailyn Pierre defends vs Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Okie Fennerson 


"Here it comes!" Goalie Tyler Gambrell (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Rashard Anderson running down the sideline with ball control looking for his next move...think Coach is making any suggestions? (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Monarch Determination! (PHOTO: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Juniors Evan McManis (25) & Baine Cobb (10) attempt to take the ball vs Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Contact Happens-JHS vs NHS...(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Lacy racing to the net to score (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Outnumbered but got it! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Senior Rashard Anderson advancing with the ball vs hard fought match vs Jacksonville (Photo Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Monarch Defense gets prepared vs Cardinals (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Sophomore Donovan Walker defends...get that ball! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Goalie Tyler Gambrell: BLOCK-"Not This Time!" (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


The Sprint for the ball...(PHOTO: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Nice catch on the move (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Tyler in the goal & ready! (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Ouch! Sometimes hard & aggressive legal play leads to contact to get the ball! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Samantha Ortiz (Soph) has control (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Header by Ashlynn Dacosin in "Battle At Beach" match (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Sophomore Macie Piscitelli fights for control against Bartlett Yancey (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Ashlynn & #16 Nevaya Palmer celebrate a score! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Harley Yates (9) & Delainey Scott (11) defend vs Bartlett Yancey in the "Battle At The Beach" (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Freshman Nivia King moves the ball for a goal (Photo: Tina Brooks 


Junior Lizette Herrschaft (10) gets off a good kick (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Savanna Garnett (12) & Nivia King (3) advance the ball in Bartlett Yancey "Battle At The Beach" win (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Monarch offense with kick by Savanna Garnett in Bartlett Yancey win (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Nivia King moves the ball from Bartlett Yancey (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Goalie Makayla Scott defends & returns the ball into play (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Defense (PHOTO: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Katherine Dickson advances the ball (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Isabella Pizana makes a play with a good kick (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Oops-Collision with Ashlynn Dacosin (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Sophomore Harley Yates is outnumbered 4 to 1 but she has control (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Strategy Session (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Tiara Fisher (2) & Freshman Delainey Scott defend vs Bartlett Yancey (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Ja'vae Geddie moves in to control the ball; Corinna Santariga (17) follows (Photo: ina Brooks/JDN) 


Jazmyne Bryant running the 3rd leg in the 4x400 Relay (Johnson, Jones, Bryant, Clark-Williams) at the NCHSAA 3A State Indoor Championships. The girls finished 6th in the state. The 4x200 Relay finished 10th(Jones, Bryant, Urraca, Clark-Williams). 


Chirlo Phillips (Sr) & Alejandra Urraca (Soph) admiring the results of their hard work at the Coastal 3A Conference Championships-Chirlo finished 1st-55m Dash & 2nd-300m Dash and Alejandra finished 2nd-High Jump & 1st-4x200 relay team. Both on to State!  


Senior Chirlo Phillips preparing for the 300m Dash at the NCHSAA 3A Indoor Track Championships at the JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem. Chirlo also qualified for the 55m Dash.  


Did Coach McDougal REALLY win all of those medals at the Coastal 3A Conference Meet? 


Working on explosion the week before Championships. 


Training before the Conference Meet. 


Senior Grace Clark-Williams working on her block starts at the NHS track...Practice-Practice-Practice! Grace placed 1st in 300m at Conf Meet and anchored both 4x200 & 4x400 Relays at Conf & State. 

Get Involved! Join A Club-Activity-Athletic Team! 



Senior Colby Parker looking...White Oak2 @ NHS (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Offense vs Defense-Cameron Oliver drives (Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Free Throw concentration by Mark Seiuli (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Quincy Martin reaches to block vs White Oak2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Forward Quincy Martin takes a shot vs White Oak2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Caris Vlassis looking to pass-White Oak2 @ NHS (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Nothing But Net...(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


The Huddle - WOHS2 


Mark Seiuli ready to pass vs White Oak2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Senior Michia Clark makes a jump shot over the Vikings2 @ NHS (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Michia Clark drives for 2 against Vikings2 (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Sophomore Makayla Hilton passes during White Oak2 game @ NHS (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Senior Ciarra Constant shoots over the Vikings (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Freshman Nivia King controls the ball vs Bartlett Yancey (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Ja'Niyah Simmons moves the ball against White Oak2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Tiara Fisher plays defense vs White Oak2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 

Monarch...Our Mascot! 

The Lion is the "KING of the JUNGLE - A MONARCH!"...A Monarch is NOT a butterfly! GO MONARCHS in athletics, class work, attitude and school activities! 


2018-2019 Swim Team 


Team Photo: L-R Back: Ryan Brooks, Wyatt Reeves, Nicholas Marr, Camryn Harris, Xzayvier Horsley, Nicolas Layton...Front L-R: Micaela Martinez, Jacob Naylor, Mekayla Moore, D'Artagnan Perez, Taylor Graham, Yasmine Andaya, Abigail Norris, Ivan De-Vera. 


Micaela Martinez swimming in NCHSAA 3A East Regionals at the Triangle Aquatics Center, Cary (can you pick her out?) She finished 6th in the 50 freestyle qualifying for the State Championships (top 8 qualify)...the Junior finished 11th in the 100 freestyle 


Micaela Martinez and Coach Edgren: Micaela just qualified for the 3A NCHSAA Championships in the 50 freestyle by placing 6th with a 26.25 


3A Regionals at Triangle Aquatics in Cary...Micaela Martinez ready to go  


Triangle Aquatic Center, Cary: Site of the NCHSAA 3A East Regional & State Championships 


3A Coastal Conference Championships: Micaela Martinez wins 1st Place in 50 Freestyle & 2nd Place in 100 Freestyle ...CONGRATULATIONS! 


Swim Equipment: Goggles & Cap (AND Swim Suit!) 


Competing: Last Lap! 


Monarch Swim Team 


Checking the times & places... 


Monarch Relay Team Diving In... 


Boys Relay Underway... 


Girls Relay Ready To Go... 


Aqaventure facility...would be nice if the word JACKSONVILLE was in front? 


"Getting Ready" 


Goldsboro Meet (L-R): Jacob Naylor, Xzayvier Horsley, Nicolas Layton, D'Artagnan Perez, Ryan Brooks, Camryn Harris, (FR) Mekayla Moore, Micaela Martinez, Yasmine Andaya, Taylor Graham  


Waiting To Start 


Northside Cheerleaders - 2nd Place 3A Coastal Conference Champions...a 18 member young squad who worked hard, practiced extra, persevered Florence and almost won 1st Place! CONGRATULATIONS! 


Junior Quincy Martin looks to pass-WOHS2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Northside Cheerleaders building their routine during Conference Championships at West Carteret. 


2018-2019 3A Coastal Conference Cheerleading Championship featuring the Northside Monarchs routine.  


Monarch Cheerleaders performing their routine at the 2018-2019 Conference Championship  


4yr member of Monarch Wrestling and a consistent performer on the mat - Senior Naiyem Kelly - Also named "Area Male Athlete Of The Week Jan 21-26" 


Junior Quincy Martin Fights For A Rebound At White Oak (Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Soph Aaron Oates gets surrounded & fouled? at White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Coach Barton's Encouragement...who needs cheerleaders?! Just kidding ladies! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Cameron Oliver makes his move-WOHS2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Oliver Looking At White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


"That's Mine!" Brian Thornton At White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Aaron Oates Shoots-White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 




Junior Guard Tiara Fisher concentrates on her drive (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


White Oak-Senior Michia Clark dribbles to the hoop. (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


White Oak-"Ouch Defense!"(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Guard Michia Clark makes a steal at White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Sophomore Guard Kasia Scott drives for a lay-up vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Junior Guard Ja'Niyah Simmons drives in traffic (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Tough Play At White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak-Guard Ja'Niyah Simmons on the move (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak-Jr Guard Alley Urraca makes her shot (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Clark shoots a jump shot vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Ny'Sean Fowlkes passes out of a trap vs Laney (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Deven Andrews pushing the ball vs Laney (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


"Hey! I can't see to shoot"...Quincy Martin to Laney defenders (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Uh-Oh! The Unhappy look? (Chris Miller/JDN - who took this photo?)  


Marquise Pierre scores 15 pts in Laney rematch at NHS (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Sophomore Aaron Oates contributes the winning lay-up vs Laney re-match @ NHS (Photo: Chris Miller/NHS) 


Precious Jones advances the ball vs Laney (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Ciarra Constant goes after the ball vs Laney (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Decisons vs Laney (Photo Chris Miller/JDN) 


Tiara Fisher #3 & Makayla Hilton work a play vs Laney (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Laney Trapped...(Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


School Re-Opens On Wednesday Jan 2 WELCOME BACK! 


"Create Their Own Identity"-Scott Barton takes over as Head Coach of the Monarchs after 2 seasons as Assistant Coach (59-1 record). See article at WINTER-BOYS BASKETBALL...Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews 


"Coming Home To Coach"-Shawnda Robinson, Former Monarch Star Defensive Player (2 season 52-5 record/East Regionals), Returns As 1st Year Head Coach. (see article under WINTER-GIRLS BASKETBALL...Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


"Using Life Experiences"-Northside Welcomes New Wrestling Coach Eric Frazier (see article under WINTER-WRESTLING)...Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews 


The "Godfather Of Onslow County Basketball" Coach Otto Taylor Passed Away December 22...A Legendary Coach, Teacher, & Friend to so many student-athletes, coaches & parents in our area! What A Loss BUT What Life Lessons Were Learned! 


"Wreaths Across America" Remembering Our Veterans At Christmas...Mr James was Northside's 2nd Principal being our popular friend & leader for 5 years...5,843 wreaths were laid at the State Veterans Cemetary in Jacksonville on Sat, Dec 15, 2018  


Northside AFJROTC assists with the 2018 wreath laying for Wreaths Across America at the NC State Veterans Cemetary across from Lejeune Gardens at the Camp Johnson entrance. 


Northside AFJROTC cadets assist covering every grave at the NC State Veterans Cemetary for the 2018 Christmas holidays for Wreaths Across America. The monuments at Lejeune Gardens were also decorated-Honoring Our Veterans. A beautiful sight! Thank You! 


Monarch Swim Team 2018-2019 


What A Night For Ja'Qurious Conley!...involved in 14 of 22 NHS 2nd Qtr points (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Monarchs blocking vs Purnell Swett (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Monarch Offense (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Hit Low + Hit High = BALL! 


Jailyn Pierre passes to Lacy Williams in Purnell Swett game (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Junior Ja'Qurious Conley avoiding a tackle vs Purnell Swett 


OOPS! Didn't Make It! (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Conley heading toward the goal line vs 4A Purnell Swett (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Conley in the clear against 4A Purnell Swett (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


TD Celebration! Juniors Marseille Miller-Ja'Qurious Conley (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Strategy Session With Coaches & Jr Jeffrey Cobb-Purnell Swett (Tina Brooks/JDNews)  


Cutting back thanks to teammates blocks (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Purnell Swett - Defense vs Offense - Fendrick Gabaud on the play (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Driving Through For Extra Yardage-Purnell Swett (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jailyn Pierre scrambling from Purnell Swett defense (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Defense low (Townsend)-high (Cobb) vs Purnell Swett Rams 


Ball! (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Senior Lacy Williams gains yardage with blocks vs White Oak-Lacy's Marine Corps Dad just arrived prior to kickoff from CA for Sr Night-the first game he had been able to see in person this year (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Monarch Defense vs White Oak (Photo: John Althouse) 


Junior Ja'Qurious Conley looking for running room in White Oak final season game (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


"Got him?" (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Sophomore Jailyn Pierre gaining yardage in White Oak win (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Hall Of Fame/Super Bowl Coach Tony Dungy Speaks At FCA Banquet in Jacksonville October 22, 2018. 


Havelock score (Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Havelock Defense2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Northside run vs Havelock (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Monarch Offense vs Havelock (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Ja'Qurious Conley scores 1 of his 4 TDs vs Swansboro (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Notrae Andrews rolling out vs Pirates on Wednesday night football (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Monarch Defense vs Swansboro (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Monarch Interception vs Swansboro On Wednesday night football (Photo: John Althouse/JDN) 


Great Catch! (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Sophomore Marqtavius McIntyre on the move (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Notrae Andrews Gets Off Pass vs Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Monarch Offense (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Cardinal Offense (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Lacy Williams (NHS) & Graham Brinker (JHS) will play leading roles in Friday's Coastal 3A opener at Cardinal Stadium-the 1st return to play after Florence and hopefully a relief for Jacksonville 


Cardinal Defense 


Volleyball team huddles on 1st day back to practice from Florence-17 days of no workouts! (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews) 


Coach John Davis welcomes players back after 17 day Florence layoff. (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews) 


Coach/AD Jeff Cobb welcomes players back after 17 days off from practice due to Hurricane Florence. Will face Conference powerhouse Jacksonville next week to re-open football season.(Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews) 


Northside's Fendrick Gabaud is wrapped up by several Wallace-Rose Hill defenders...WRH wins in the final seconds 22-21 on a 2pt conversion.(Photo:Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Monarch Defense-"FUMBLE"-Wallace-Rose Hill (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Rashard Anderson fighting for yardage vs Wallace-Rose Hill (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Tough Running vs WRH Bulldogs...Tough 22-21 Monarch loss in the final seconds (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Ja'Qurious Conley on the move vs Wallace-Rose Hill (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Resurfacing Of Jax Commons Tennis Courts is going to be great! Rain delays have really delayed Girls Practice Time And Start Of Season...Maybe This Week? 


Clinton Warm-Ups...Game 3 (Photo: WAVQ Radio 95.5) 


Clinton Game 


Thursday Walk-Through Practice For Clinton...(Photo: WAVQ Radio 95.5)  


Caressa Johnson (#2) Area Female Athlete Of The Week (Aug 20-25) goes for a block in the Dixon game. (see article: FALL-Volleyball-Headlines above) 


Caressa Johnson slips the ball over a Dixon double block by Ryleigh Whitekettle & Carlie Radford (3) (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Coach Ciara Wheeler discusses strategy during a time-out vs Dixon (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Jaylaan Smith pushes the ball over Dixon's double block by Emma Silance & Logan Moore (13) (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


2nd set home game vs Dixon-Lost 3-1 (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDN Sports) 


Kayla Simmons Serves vs Dixon (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Kayla Simmons & Caressa Johnson battle at the net (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Paige Erickson prepares to serve (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Natalie Centeno returns a shot vs Dixon (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Leia Cabradillia returns a shot (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Senior Colby Parker advances the ball vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Golsboro meet: (L-R) Jacob Naylor, Xzayvier Horsley, Nicolas Layton, D'Artagnan Perez, Ryan Brooks, Camryn Harris (FR) Mekayla Moore, Micaela Martinez, Yasmine Andaya, Taylor Graham 


Jaylaan Smith & Dixon's Logan Moore (13) battle at the net (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Kelsey McMinn digs a ball (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Paige Erickson works to lift the ball over Dixon's Logan Moore (13) & Ryleigh Whitekettle (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


New Hanover-Lacy Williams Runs-Rashard Anderson Blocks (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Ja'Qurious Conley makes important tackle vs New Hanover 


Marseille Miller Interception vs New Hanover (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Monarch Asst Coaches at work in New Hanover Game (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


New Hanover-Notrae Andrews trying for more yardage-4 down 1 to go (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Lacy Williams runs through his hole thanks to his blockers (Photo: John Althouse) 


Defense vs New Hanover - Rosa, Leiser, #77 (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


New Hanover Line Play Strategy (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Notrae Andrews on the move vs New Hanover (Photo: John Althouse/JDN) 


"Here Come The Monarchs" through the crash poster on Opening Night...WAIT!...Who is #12 wearing shades & not properly equipped?? Must be a 1st Yr ROOKIE!!...It kinda/maybe looks like NHS New Principal Lynn Jackson?!(Photo: John Sudbrink/JDN) 


Lacy Williams finds running room vs Jones Sr (Photo: John Sudbrink/JDN) 


Sophomore Marqtavius McIntyre trying to break this tackle from a Jones Sr defender. (Photo: John Sudbrink/JDNews) 


Junior QB Notrae Andrews ready for the snap vs Jones Sr (Photo: John Sudbrink/JDNews) 


New Monarch Head Soccer Coach Craig Cook (L) & Asst Coach Alex Ramsey observing practice. (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Soccer Coach Craig Cook giving instructions at practice. (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN Sports) 


As Head Coach, Coach Pollock gets to handle the Media...(Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDN Sports) 


Coach Cook & Team Capt Daniel Cross (Photo: Chris Miller/JDN) 


Junior Notrae Andrews steps in as the Monarch QB (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


OCS New Teacher Orientation at Northside High for SY 2018-19. WELCOME!! 


Monarch Leia Cabradillia gets ready at Croatan Summer Scrimmage Jamboree. 


Senior Leia Cabradillia serves against Dixon in 2017 game. (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Here come the Monarchs at MFCU Jamboree BUT this is as close as they got to playing on their own field as an area power outage put the last session in the dark, left out, & cancelled: Northside, Croatan, Southwest, South Lenoir 


A power outage hit Friday night in the Jacksonville area affecting 12,000 residences/buildings including the MFCU Jamboree at NHS. 4 teams were unable to have their hour scrimmage:Northside-Croatan-Southwest-South Lenoir 


2018 MFCU Football Jamboree Media Day (Photo: JDN Sports) 


18 of 20 Head Football Coaches at MFCU Jamboree Media Day 


Southwest Coach Charlie Dempsey & Northside Coach Kendrick Pollock will see their teams play each other to close the MFCU Jamboree on Friday...this competition used to be a highlight game in the county. 


Senior Rashad Anderson hopes to make some moves in 2018 


Rashad Anderson running against Swansboro during '17 season 


Asst coach Chad Miller & Naiyiem Kelly during weight room workouts on 1st day of rainy football practice. 


Head Football Coach Kendrick Pollock heading to 1st day of practice... 


Veteran Master Coach & Northside Assistant John Davis supervises summer weight room workouts (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


(L-R) Monarchs Gabe Kirkendoll (ECSU) and Kenny Dye (Queens College) play together for the last time in the NCCA 70th East-West All-Star Game, Greensboro Coliseum (Photo: Kai Jones/The Free Press) 


Kenny Dye pushes the ball in the 70th NCCA East-West All-Star Game in the Greensboro Coliseum(Photo: Kai Jones/The Free Press) 


Gabe Kirkendoll checks the clock during the exciting NCCA East-West All-Star Game where the West pulls off a 106-104 win in the final seconds (Photo: Kai Jones/The Free Press) 


New Head Coach Scott Barton prepares his young Monarchs for the ECI Team Camp...The basketball program also has a new JV Coach & Girls Coach...GO MONARCHS! 


2018 Monarch football players attending FCA Team Camp at Mount Olive University...(  


FCA Team Camp @ Mount Olive Univ 


FCA Team Camp Coach's Luncheon W/Speaker Coach David McLeod (green shirt/white hat) 


2018-19 Monarch Basketball "rebuilding" at UNCW Team Camp 


Coach Barton instructing the 2018-19 Monarch Edition at UNCW Team Camp-Practice! Practice!...ECI coming soon...then the season! 


Mrs Johnson speaks to Class of 2018 prior to graduation in the Commons Area (PHOTO: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 

2018 Monarch Grads Before The Ceremony 

A final photo before graduation and moving on to college, the work force or the can only stay at home until ???...CONGRATULATIONS! 


Friends (L to R) Mira Gonzalez, Kallie Thompson and Brianna McCannon chat before graduation (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


2018 Valedictorian Justin Bautista...UNC bound! Congratulations! (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


Aaron Phan, Student Body President, Ty-Kala Allen, Sr Class Pres & Kishawna Bell waiting for the processional (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


Friends (Bottom L-R) Zaeziah Collins, Shaquera Jordan, (Standing L-R) Rea'Jean Jordan, Skylah Dangerfield, Dahshaunae Brock, Tamia Lawrence & Epiphany James waiting to "walk" (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 

West Carteret fumble=NHS TD 

NHS Sr LB Thomas McGuire scoops up fumble for a 38yd go-ahead TD! (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


2018 Salutatorian Tatum Kellum...CONGRATULATIONS! (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


Seniors Joshua Atchison & Justin Bautista exchange greetings prior to graduation (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


USAF JROTC Color Guard & New Recruit...(L-R) Cadets Byrd, Spell, Pineda, Patterson & Cote. (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


Deah Nalla & Gabrielle McBroom visiting in the Commons (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


Principal Maria Johnson leads her last Graduation Class after 8 yrs at Northside-she will be at the Supt. Office next year. (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


Inside 2018 Graduation in the gym-only the 2nd time indoors...fewer guests-We Need A Community Center! Waiting on the Seniors (Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) 


HAPPY-WELL DESERVED RETIREMENT Coach Tony Marshburn! You will be missed! Mr NHS Basketball (also JV Football & Golf)...An "Original Monarch" since many accomplishments...2017-2018 NC Coach Of The Year! "Thanks For The Memories"...354-100 


HAPPY-WELL DESERVED RETIREMENT Coach Bob Eason! You will be missed! Mr NHS Football & Lacrosse (started the program in OCS)...An "Original Monarch" since many accomplishments - "Thanks For The Memories"...144-58 


Coach Rick Hammond (L)...Have a WELL DESERVED-HAPPY RETIREMENT! Asst JV Football-Asst Varsity Basketball-Head JV Basketball...Coach Marsburn's "Go To Coach!" Thank You For The Memories! Came From WOHS w/Coach M - A True Volunteer Coach 2001-18/Will miss U 


Coach Dustin Johns...Making A Career Change After 11 yrs at NHS -"From A Monarch To A Cardinal" ...A popular Social Studies Teacher-Asst Football-Head Baseball Coach -"Thanks For The Memories!"...JHS teacher/asst football-You will be missed! 


(L-R) Northside's Mateo Navar, Rodney Bethea & White Oak's Andrew Nusspickel sign to continue their education & play soccer at NC Wesleyan College ( while WOHS's Taylor Trimble signs with Cape Fear CC ( 


Kenny Dye to play in Coaches East-West All-Star Game before heading to Queens University in Charlotte. Kenny was 17-18 JDN POY & All-State (NCBCA) 


Jake Erickson signs with Johnston CC to further his education & play basketball. CONGRATULATIONS! 


Kenny Dye will continue his education & play basketball at Queens College in Charlotte. 


NHS's Eva Holloway signs to continue her education and play basketball at William Peace Univ in Raleigh ( 


Tony Locke signs to continue his education and wrestle at Greensboro College ( by proud family members  


(L-R) Antione Jones-Elizabeth City State Univ ( & Jaylen Thomas-NC Wesleyan College ( will continue their education and play football. Their #1 fans and NHS Head Coach Kendrick Pollock join their signings. 


Gabe Kirkendoll headed to Elizabeth City State Univ to continue his education & play basketball. 


Monarch Football players who signed to continue their education and play college football: (L-R) Demetrius Jones-Charleston Southern ( McMullen & Daiquan Baker-Louisburg College ( Head Coach Kendrick Pollock 


The McIntyre family celebrates Maurice signing with Duke to continue his education and play football. (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Three Monarch teammates...three football signees on National Football Signing Day...L-R, Maurice McIntyre (Duke), Jireh Wilson (ECU) and Elliott Dangerfield (Shaw). (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sport 


Maurice & "fan" before signing with Duke...(Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Elliott & his Dad at Shaw University National Football Signing Day. (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


The Dangerfield family watches as Elliott signs with Shaw University to continue his education and play football. (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Family pride at university athletic National Signing Day...(Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Congratulations Maurice, Jireh, Elliott and their families (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Friendships...(Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Sydney Ellis chases a loose ball in 1st-ever Girls Lacrosse NCHSAA Playoff vs Topsail (2018)...Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews 


Kyrstin Jackson on the move in home Playoff Match vs Topsail (NHS 12-9 loss)...Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews 


Topsail Playoff..."Stop That Girl!" (Photo: Tin Brooks/JDNews) 


Sydney makes a good move to the goal vs Topsail (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Leia Cabradillia moves in for a shot vs Topsail in the Monarchs historic 9-5 season Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Leia Cabradillia is "Area Female Athlete Of Week" 


Coach Harris & Monarchs at Practice 


Leia Cabradillia scores 100th career goal during 2018 season! 


Lacrosse Senior Night 2018..."Thanks For The Memories" 


Lacrosse Action 


Brady Dickson moving the ball... 




Junior Lacrosse player Lacy Williams named Area Male Athlete Of the Week-scored his 100th career goal! 


NCHSAA State Wrestling Championships-Greensboro Coliseum...NHS Wrestlers Qualify: Tony Locke-138lb/46-2/158-34 & Rory Aldridge-170lb/40-16 (Photo: John Sudbrink/JDNews) 


4 Mats For NCHSAA State Wrestling Championships-Greensboro Coliseum...Rory Aldridge Finishes 6th NC-3A/170...Tony Locke in 138lb State Championship! (Photo: John Sudbrink/JDNews) 


Tony Locke getting focused for his State Championship Match in the Greensboro Coliseum. (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Tony In "Walk Of Champions" Prior To State Championship 


Tony Locke in State Championship Match (Photo: John Althouse/ 


Tony Locke wrestling in 3A 138lb State Championship-Finishes 2nd NC...49-3/161-35 Career-NHS Record...Qualify For State Championship All 4 yrs-NHS Record 


NCHSAA State Wrestling Championship Finals-NHS Tony Locke 


2017-18 Senior Night - Kyle Linger, Tony Locke And Brian Aldridge -"Thanks For The Memories"-Best Wishes! 


New Head Coach Chad Miller giving pre-season instructions 


Maya Stanley pitching in 2018 Piggly Wiggly Classic 


Kayla Simmons making a catch in the Piggly Wiggly 2018 Classic 


Coach Marshburn awarded the Harvey Reid NCHSAA Coach Of The Year Award at the NCHSAA Annual Meeting at the Smith Center, UNC. 




2018 Carolina Classics NC Team/Coach Introductions-Kenny Dye & Coach Marshburn 2nd from Right 


Kenny Dye 1st Monarch honored to play in the Carolinas Classic (NC vs SC) in Wilmington...NC Boys 123-108; SC Girls 76-70. 


2018 Carolinas Classic presents $25,000 check to New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation...WELL DONE NC-SC All-Stars!! 


State Championship Game Rebound 


Kenny Dye-Coach Marshburn-Gabe Kirkendoll with NCHSAA 3A State Runner-Up Trophy after 2 pt loss to Cox Mill...a playoff of 2pt wins/loses-New Hanover 57-55/Eastern Guilford 73-71 


A tough State 3A State Championship post-game interview for Gabe, Coach & Kenny after 2 pt loss to Cox Mill in final seconds. 


Back At Reynolds Coliseum (NCSU)In NCHSAA State Championship...3A in 2018...2A in 2017 


Gabe pushing the ball vs Cox Mill in State Championship 


Post Game Cox Mill vs Northside...Kenny, Coach Marshburn and Gabe with State Runner Up Trophy 


Final Practice/Game Instructions Before Cox Mill State 3A Championship At NC State 


2017-2018 Regional over East Guilford at FSU...back To NC State vs Cox Mill! 


Zach Hobbs makes an IMPRESSION Academically & Athletically as a Freshman at Elizabeth City State Univ 


Gabe Kirkendoll moves the ball in 3A East Regional Finals at FSU vs Eastern Guilford...Monarchs win 73-71 to return for 2nd straight year to State Final-will face Cox Mill 


Defense in Round 4 Playoff thriller win 57-55 vs New Hanover to send the Monarchs to the East Regionals vs Eastern Guilford at FSU Capel Arena. 


Senior Jason Robinson going for a rebound vs New Hanover in 4th Rd 3A Playoffs - the Monarchs move on to East Finals (1st time in 3A competition) 


Our ALWAYS FAITHFUL & SUPPORTIVE WAVQ 95.5 radio announcing crew closing off a NHS game. THANK YOU! 


3rd Round Terry Sanford Win 73-33...Demetrius Jones Shoots 


Senior James Mixon shoots vs Terry Sanford in 3rd Rd Win 73-33 


Jason Mixon trying a shot vs East Wake in Rd 2 of 3A Playoffs...Monarchs win 70-36. 


Senior Levi Ramirez driving for a layup in 2nd Rd Playoffs vs East Wake. The Monarchs defeated Smithfield-Selma 77-43 in the 3A East 1st Rd. 


Kenny Dye shoots in East Wake 2nd Rd Game...Monarchs win 70-36 to host Terry Sanford in 3A 3rd Rd Playoffs. 


Senior Jireh Wilson scores 2 pts in East Wake Playoff 


2017-2018 3A Coastal Conf Tournament Champs (65-33 vs White Oak...54 consecutive wins...shh!)  


Adella Burrell...Area Female Athlete Of The Week Jan 22-27 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Demetrius Jones shoots vs Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Senior Demetrius Jones scores two of his 24 pts & 10 rebounds in the East Wake 2nd Rd win 70-36 (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Dangerfield shooting in traffic (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Kenny Dye Scores vs White Oak In Conference Tournament 65-33 Win (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


White Oak Competition (Photo: Tina Brooks 


White Oak defense (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Kenny scoring vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Kenny driving past hands to score-White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Defending on the move (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Scoring vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Adella Burrell in action vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Eva Holloway lay-up vs White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Eva Holloway moving the ball up court-White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


NHS Weight Room Make-Over For PE & Athletics 


Demetrius Jones shoots for a basket vs Jacksonville. Junior Colin Radcliffe sparked the hard fought Monarch win with two key-threes & a two handed dunk.(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Northside's Janiyah Simmons attempts to block Cardinal's Kiani Gravely's lay up in the JHS convincing win. (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Senior Kenny Dye alongside his parents & Coach Tony Marshburn was honored at halftime after scoring the 1000 point of his career then scoring 25 in the 74-48 win at White Oak.(Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Monarch Basketball Team Gathers To Congratulate Kenny Dye on 1000th Point Milestone vs White Oak 1/16/18 (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


2018 MFCU Football Jamboree To Expand To 2 Days-More Teams-Varsity Only-Play 1 Game-Northside Athletics To Host! 


Kenny Dye tries to squeeze between Havelock defense...Monarchs win 66-43 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Eva Holloway charges down court vs Havelock...Rams won 60-42 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Methodist Univ Monarchs recognize Davion Ayabarreno ('14) for reaching 1,000 pt milestone prior to Christmas...CONGRATULATIONS! 


Gabe Kirkendoll Named "Area Male Athlete Of The Week" Dec 25-30  


Bachir Ndiaye Named 1st Team All-Area Soccer Team 2017 


Jason Robinson, Onslow Classic MVP, shoots during Championship game vs Dixon. (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Jason Mixon battles for the rebound in Jacksonville game. Jason Robinson #2 named Classic MVP as Monarchs win Classic 66-27 vs Dixon.(Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Kenny Dye sets career high 37 pt game in helping defeat Jacksonville 68-49 in Onslow Classic 2nd round. Kenny was named to All-Classic Team. (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Kenny Dye-Male Athlete Of The Week Dec 11-16...CONGRATULATIONS! 


Jireh Wilson Officially Signs With ECU On New Early Signing Period-7am Dec 20th...CONGRATULATIONS! BEST WISHES!  


Star NHS Monarch Now Senior Methodist Univ Monarch Records 1,000 career point...CONGRATULATIONS Davion Ayabarreno! 


Senior Jason Mixon scores in the Monarchs 65-58 win vs Clinton. 


Northside's Tony Locke (L) Claims 3rd "Beast Of The East" Tournament Championship at 138 - Tony was chosen as the Area Male Athlete Of The Week for Dec 4-9. 


Where Are They Now?...Kayla Stephens, High Point University Freshman continuing her education & playing Panther Basketball 


Kenny Dye driving to the basket vs East Carteret (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


CONCENTRATION! (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Coach Marshburn checking on injured player (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Oops-Holding Kenny! (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Elliott Dangerfield setting up the offense vs East Carteret (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


East Carteret (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


On The Move-Gabe Kirkendoll vs East Carteret (Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Gabe waving to the crowd or setting up a play? (Caught by Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Timia Lawrence at the line vs East Carteret (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Hand Checking? Eva Holloway (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Michia Clark looking for the shot vs East Carteret (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Coach Johnson shouting a SECRET? (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


WOW! That's a TALL East Carteret defender! (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Strategy Session vs East Carteret (Photo: Chris Miller/JDNews Sports) 


Jireh Wilson Selected To Play In NC-SC Shrine Bowl Football Game Dec 16th (Photo: John Sudbrink/JDNews) 


ECSU Freshman Zach Hobbs Selected as CIAA "Rookie Of The Week" Nov 11-18, 2017 (Story in Basketball above)  


UNC WR Josh Cabrera (13) catches one of his TWO TD passes from QB Nathan Elliott during Western Carolina game in Kenan Stadium Sat, Nov 18, 2017 (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)-Josh is a former Northside star student-athlete! 


Methodist Monarch Senior Davion Ayabarreno Prepares For The 2017-18 Season And His Leadership Role...GO MONARCHS! 


Former Monarch Star-UNC WR Josh Cabrera Scores His 1st TD On 35 Yd Pass On Thur Nat'l TV In 2nd Qtr vs Pitt 11/9/17 & UNC Wins 34-31 

Think College! Why Not! 



Card-Monarch 1st Rd Playoff...TD (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


JHS-NHS Playoff...Justyn Benson Passes 4 TDs - Runs 3 TDs (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Jacksonville 1st Rd Playoff...Notrae Andrews moves in...(Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


JHS Playoff...Elliot Dangerfield Throws To Rashard Anderson...Dangerfield Threw 2 TD Passes to Jireh Wilson (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Card-Monarch Playoff...Rashard Anderson tries to get outside (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


JHS-NHS Playoff (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


2017-2018 3A NCHSAA State Championship Runner-Ups to Cox Mill by 2 pts in final seconds...29-1 record/59 consecutive wins. SUPER JOB! 


JHS-NHS 1st Rd Playoff...Outstanding Athlete! (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Playoff...Ricardo Valenzuela moves up...(Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


JHS Playoff 


Jax-NHS 1st Rd Playoff...Offense meets Defense (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


A Day To Honor ALL Veterans AND Their Families... 


Seniors Lorisa S. & Shania L. Head To The Office Carring American Flags Used In The NHS Veterans Day Flag Ceremony. Due To Inclement Weather,The Flags Will Be Planted On The School Lawn On Monday. (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


NHS Veterans Day Flag Ceremony (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


NHS CHORUS Participates In Veterans Day Flag Ceremony (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


NHS Chorus Sings In Veterans Day Flag Ceremony (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


JROTC Displays Patriotism In Veterans Day Flag Ceremony...Over 40% Of NHS Students Are From Active Duty Or Retired Military Families...They Know What "Walk The Walk" Is Like!(Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


NHS Veterans Day Flag Ceremony...Displaying Respect To Our Veterans & Our Flag (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


NHS AFJROTC Marching In 2017 Jax Veterans Day Parade (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


NHS AFJROTC Marching In 2017 Jax Veterans Day Parade - The Only JROTC In OCS-A GREAT Program (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Monarch Marching Band In 2017 Jax Veterans Day Parade (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


Happy 242nd Birthday U.S. Marine Corps! "Always Faithful" "A Few Good Women & Men" 




Ready To Play! 




White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks)...Anyone open? 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews)  


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


Elliot Dangerfield Throws Career High 5 TD Passes-4 To WR Jireh Wilson In Win At White Oak 


Flag Carriers Lining Up Backstage For Veterans Day Flag Ceremony (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks) 


White Oak (Photo: Tina Brooks)  


Monarch Standout-Navy Junior Ash Fairow...Patriot League Offensive POY/1st Team-GO NAVY! 


Football-Soccer-Baseball Ref Judge Chuck Henry Retires After 34 Years Of Serving Our ADs, Coaches and Student-Athletes...He was A Good One & Will Be Missed!(Photo: Mike McHugh/JDNews) See Article In Varsity Football 


AFJROTC Color Guard-West Carteret Game "Looking Sharp" (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


West Carteret (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews)  


Patriots Terrance Raynor (2-4th Qtr TDs) Has ball knock out at Goal Line By Monarch Notrae Andrews (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Goal Line Tackle By Notrae Andrews sends ball (Photo Evidence)...(Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Rashard Anderson Trying To Gain Yardage...scores 3 TDs/124 yds rushing/30 Carries (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews)  


Notrae Andrews Moving In For A Tackle (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Gang Tackling On A Good Athlete (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Get 'em-West Carteret...(Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Collision? Damian Sullivan On The Move (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Good Block-West Carteret (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews)  


DRIVING In West Carteret Game-"Who Has #7?" (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews)  


Senior Night/Last Home Game-West Carteret (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


West Carteret- "Stop Him!" (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


#21 Ash Fairow ('14 NHS Grad)Jr Forward leads her Navy Soccer Team in a successful season (PL Offensive Player Of Week) GO NAVY! (See articles under GIRLS SOCCER - SPRING) 


"Unity Day" Anti-Bullying/Wear Orange 


"It's halftime & I'm just 'resting my eyes' dreaming of Oct 30th & the start of BASKETBALL practice!"...Coach Hammond 


N.C. Preps Spotlight On "Student-Athlete" Jireh Wilson (see article in Fall Varsity Football) 


Homecoming Halftime Ceremony 2017-Crowning Queen Sienna S.-Everyone Looking GOOD! (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


2017 Homecoming Queen & King! 


Homecoming Costume Day 


Homecoming Pep Rally 


Harley B. performs Homecoming face painting to classmate Charlie D. (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Homecoming Fun & Teamwork! 


Anderson Finding Yardage Vs Swansboro (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Swansboro-Sullivan's End Zone Pass Interception (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Dangerfield's "Ball On The Way" vs Swansboro (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Wilson Pushing For Monarch Yardage vs Pirates (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports)  


Swansboro 3 On 1-Wilson Trying To Escape (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


I On 1 Swansboro Game (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Swansboro Run (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Nope...not this way! Swansboro Game (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Anderson Rushing With Blockers-Swansboro (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Anderson & Team Mates vs Swansboro (Photo: Rick)Scoppe/JDNews Sports) 


Cardinals-Monarchs (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Clash (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville-Northside (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville @ Northside (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Cardinals-Monarchs (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Cardinals-Monarchs (Photo: 


Jacksonville Game (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Game (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Game (Photo: Tina Broooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 




Jacksonville Game 


Cardinals-Monarchs Game 


Jacksonville (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


The Directors 


Jacksonville Halftime Show (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Game (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Performance (PHOTO: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Halftime (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Jacksonville Halftime 


Jacksonville Game (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Marching Monarchs-Jacksonville Game (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Southwest Win 


White Oak - The Erickson's/#6-Julianna/#10 Paige 


White Oak = Kayla Simmons 


Swansboro - Maya Stanley 


Flag Sales Check Presented To USO In Veterans Day Ceremony...GREAT JOB NHS! 


Swansboro - Caressa Johnson 


Swansboro - Leia Carradillia 


Ndiaye on the move at White Oak 


Oops! "Sorry-I Really didn't mean to..." 


Dickson Battles For Ball Control At White Oak  

Academics #1 = A Brighter Future! 

Be Informed & Out Of Trouble=Read Your Student Handbook-Dress Code-Phone Policy-Food/Flower Delivery-Student Checkout-...See Home Page Of NHS School Website 


Maya Spike vs Jacksonville  


VB vs Jacksonville - Julianna Erickson 


Jacksonville Action-Caressa 


A New VB formation... 


Volleyball at Southwest - Leia 

NHS Dress Code Can Be Found In Student Handbook 

See Handbook on home page of NHS School Website & in left pull down window.  


Monarch Marching Band Performs At OCS Pre-Season Performance @ RHS 


"Where Are They Now?"-Hunter Halford ('15) Junior Scholar-Softball Player At Norfolk State Univ (See article in Softball) 


OCS Marching Bands Pre-Season Performance Finale @ RHS 


Jonte McMullen "Male Athlete Of The Week" from James Kenan Game. (See article/video under Football) 


Beddingfield advance stopped by Antonie Jones (9) & Jireh Wilson (Photo: Scott Jones/Special To The Times)  


Monarch fumble sets up Beddingfield score (Photo: Scott Jones/Special To The Times)  


Damian Sullivan Reception vs James Kenan  


McMullen Looking For Yardage-James Kenan 


Reception vs James Kenan 


Running & Blocking-James Kenan 

30-0 - Monarch Pride - Historic 


THANK YOU ALL First Responders & Our Military! (And Their Families!) 

Always There To "Protect & Serve" Us!  


At The Net-White Oak 

Who Won 3-0? 



JV & Varsity Volleyball 2017 


JVs Win At White Oak 2-0 


JV Volleyball Team 2017 


2017 Varsity Volleyball Team 


CONGRATULATIONS Nicole Martin! Onslow County "Teacher Of The Year!"...The QUEEN Has Been Crowned! (See article in Boys Varsity Cross Country) 


Teamwork=Win vs North Brunswick!  

The Way To Learn... 

NHS was the 1st NC High School to be accrediated as a AVID Demonstration School. 


Coach Novelli Steps Down...Moving To Ohio After 5 Years With Girls Basketball (See article In Girls Varsity Basketball) 


"Where Are They Now?" Ash Fairow ('14) Naval Academy JR Soccer Forward (See Article In Girls Varsity Soccer) 


"Where Are They Now?" #13 6-3/205 Josh Cabrera ('14) UNC Wide Receiver (See Article In Boys Varsity Football) 

Monarchs Earn OT Upset Win At Dixon 2-1 

Northside's Bachir Ndiaye & Dixon's Michael Lin go up to head the ball...see video in game article (archived in FALL-SOCCER) 

OT 2-1 Win At Dixon 

Northside's Tim Vu Khane prepares to kick the ball as Dixon's Collin Hinnant defends. Brandon Brooks trails the play. 

Clinton: Demetrius Jones Fights To Get Away 

Jones will catch the game winning TD with 2:00 remaining (PHOTO: John Althouse/The Daily News) 

Clinton Game Strategy 


Wilson Sideline Catch vs Clinton 



Clinton Game: Blocking & Running 

New Hanover 

Sr FB Antonie Jones On The Move (Photo: Childress/NHS Athletics) 


Volleyball @ Dixon...see Photo Gallery with game article  

New Hanover 

TD Run (Photo: Ken Blevins/Star News) 

New Hanover 

Dangerfield Run (Photo: Ken Blevins/Star News) 

NHS Cheerleaders At New Hanover 


New Hanover 

Defense (Photo: Ken Blevins/Star News) 

2017 Spike Fest vs Swansboro 


Sr WR Jireh Wilson Ready To Receive vs Jones Sr 


Sr FB Antonie Jones Gets Blocks At Jones Sr 


Sr QB Elliott Dangerfield On The Move vs Jones Sr 


Maya Stanley - NHS Do-It-All Athlete & State 2A Discus Champ 

Competes in Volleyball-Winter Track(Shot &Discus)-Softball-Spring Track(Shot & Discus) (Photo: Rick Scoppe/JDNews) 


Volleyball vs Topsail 

Volleyball vs Topsail 


Soccer Opener At Wallace-Rose Hill 0-1 


WAVQ 95.5 Covering Monarch Football & Area Futbol 

THANK YOU To The "Q" Crew For Supporting the Monarchs In Football-Soccer-Basketball! 

MFCU Jamboree Coaches Press Conference 



2017 Football Team 

Monarch East-West All-Stars 2017 

Zach scored 14 pts in EAST win...Heading to Elizabeth City State ( Jonte scored 1st TD in EAST win...Heading to Louisburg College ( 

7on 7 League - Jireh Wilson catch vs West Craven 


Sr Lineman Maurice McIntyre Commits To Duke 


Sr Demetrius Jones Commits To Navy 


Sr WR/DB Jireh Wilson Commits To East Carolina 


New Digital Display Scoreboard 2017 


New Press Box Covering 2017 


Volleyball 2017 Summer League 


2017 Volleyball Summer League 


Record: 30-0 Title: 2A STATE Champions 

WELL DONE MONARCHS! Thanks For The Memories!! 

State 2A Champs 30-0 Congratulations! Thank You Fans! 

Basketball State Championship Returns To Onslow County First Time In 75+ Years Since Camp Lejeune High's 1949-50 & 1948-49 Titles! 

The RING-2A State Champs! 


Conference Champs - Conf Tournament Champs 

5th Consecutive Tournament Title 

Mr MVP! 2A Championship MVP/All-State Zach! 

On To ECSU-Best Wishes In The Classroom & On The Court! 

Mr Everything!  

Coach Of Year-Conference-Area-2A State Championships-State Of NC! Well Deserved! 

Is It Really Over? Thanks For The Memories! 

See 2016-17 Schedules/Rosters on CALENDAR & WINTER ACTIVITIES above & MaxPreps  

Great Season! = 24-6 - #1 Conf Tourn - #2 Conf - #2 E Region - 4 Srs !  

8th Consecutive Tourn Title...3rd Trip to Regional Finals...Season Photos Under Team/Photos... THANK YOU WAVQ Radio 95.5 FM for your support both home & away...and our sponsors $$! 

NHS Begins 17th Year for 2017-18 SY! 

MONARCH HISTORY-NHS opened in SY 2001-2002 with students from JCMS, JHS & a few from WOHS and with no Senior class. The 1st NHS Grads were the Class of 2003. 

Softball Regular Season Complete 8-13;4-6 

See 2017 Schedule & Roster Above In Spring Sports 

Baseball Season Complete 2-17;1-9 

See the 2017 Schedule & Rosters of JV-Varsity Teams in Spring Sports above 

Girls Soccer Season Complete.2-15-1; 0-9-1 

See 2017 Schedule & Roster in Spring Sports Above 

Girls Lacrosse - Successful Season Complete 6-6;3-6 

See the 2017 Schedule in Spring Activities above  

Boys Lacrosse Season Complete 6-8 - 1st Rd NCHSAA 1A-2A-3A PLAYOFFS  


Boys Golf - Season Complete 


Maya Stanley NCHSAA 2A Discus State Champion! 

ECC Standings-Girls 4th/Boys 5th...2A East Regionals-Girls 6th/Boys 24th  

Boys Tennis Season Complete - NCHSAA Regionals - Humphrey-Nguyen/Le 


Mario Ortega Finishes 2nd In 2A 138 lb State Wrestling Championship 

Congratulations MARIO on being the State Championship Runner-Up & the 1st State Finalist in school history; record of 32-6! 2016-17 Schedule on CALENDAR & WINTER ACTIVITIES above 

Study Hard-Take Pride In Your Assignments-NO Late Work 

It's More Fun To Be Prepared Every Day!  

Winter Track Season Complete - 13 Athletes To State Championship  


GREAT Season! 10-11/6-4 - 3rd Conf - 1st Rd 2A Playoffs - Many Firsts! 

Moving Up To 3A Next Year...2016 Schedule & Roster listed under FALL ACTIVITES & CALENDAR above... See MaxPreps For Final Stats 

GREAT Season! (12-4;4-1)-#2 2AA In NC-State Runner Up-East Champ-#2 ECC 

JV Season Complete-Finish4-5/3-2- WAVQ FM 95.5...Listen both HOME & AWAY Games + "NHS Game Night" Show on Monday 6:30-7:00pm at Jersey Mike's, Western Blvd...Thank You To The Q!..2016 Schedule & Roster listed under FALL ACTIVITIES & CALENDAR-Stats 

1st State Playoff Championship In NHS School History 

FINAL: West Champ #1 (15-0) Shelby 28 - East Champ #6 (12-3) Northside 6...Played at NC State Carter-Finley Stadium on Saturday Dec 17, 2016 (PHOTO: Courtesy NC State University)  

Great Season 9-12-1...1st Ever Playoff (2-5 Loss to #4 Seed)-Lots of Firsts 

Moving Up To 3A Competition Next Season...2016 Schedule & Roster is listed under CALENDAR & FALL ACTIVITIES above...Save $$ on Home Games-Buy An All-Sports 2016-17 Booster Club Pass Stats @ MaxPreps 

Season Complete - 7-7/5-5 Ali Brinkley To 2nd Rd 2A East Regionals 

Move Up To 3A Competition Next Season...2016 SCHEDULE & ROSTER on CALENDAR & FALL ACTIVITIES above Stats at MaxPreps 

Eric Hutchison Places 68th of 138 at NCHSAA 2A State Championships 

Great Job Eric!...Looking for more runners (Fr! & Soph!) when move to 3A completion 2017...2016 Schedule & Roster posted in CALENDAR & FALL ACTIVITIES Above 

Swimming-Season Complete 


In Loving Memory - Khalil Kirkland - 1st Lt AFJROTC 

17 yr old senior Class of 2016...4 yrs at Northside...AFJROTC & baseball manager for 4 yrs...Honor Student...loved bound in engineering or biomedical career...STEM Academy...working in 1st job at Burger King ..."excellent employee"... 

Khalil (cont'd) 

...walked everywhere..."enjoyed his humor"..."a good kid"...several accounts...always helpful...Nat'l Honor Society..funeral was Jan 7th in a packed church service with burial in Ons Memorial Park...Khalil will be in our hearts forever! 

Presented By NHS AFJROTC To The Kirkland Family 


Monarch Stadium vs Jax Soccer 


Soccer 1st Ever Jax Home Game 


Offense vs Clinton 


Clinton Game-Making Plans 


Clinton Game 


Monarch Field 


VB vs White Oak 


VB 3rd Set Win Over White Oak 


VB Action in 3-0 Win Over Vikings 


Congratulations On Your Historic Night! 

1st Ever WOHS-NHS Soccer Game In Monarch Stadium & 1st Soccer Win Over The Vikings 4-2!  

Welcome Back Cam! - 1st Ever WOHS-NHS Soccer Game @ NHS  




WOHS Victory 


Who's Winning? 


Viking 1st Game @ NHS-1st Loss 


JHS 5:43 Game 


JHS Game 


JHS Halftime-Weather Moving in? 


JHS Pregame 


JHS 5:43 Game 


JHS Game 


Monarch Game Field 


JHS Game 


NHS Volleyball 


White Oak Game (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


White Oak Game (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


White Oak Game (Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


West Carteret Game (Photo: John Sudbrink)  


West Carteret Game (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


West Carteret Game (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


"Cheering" At West Carteret Home Opener 


Marching Monarchs Performing At West Carteret Game 


2016 Season Opener-Not Tonight! (Photo: WAVQ) 


Press Box Coaches? Announcers? Facing The Wrong Way? 


Meet The Monarchs-Preseason 


Swansboro Opener Win 3-0! All 2 pt sets! 


Varsity Volleyball Opens The Season With 3-0 Win vs Swansboro 


JV Volleyball In Home Opener 2016 


Coach Pollock Speaking At Rotary Club 


MFCU Jamboree - Where is everybody? I'm ready! 


Robert Colon Presented East-West Basketball MVP Award 

Great Game-CONGRATULATIONS! A 1st for a NHS Grad! 

New NHS Volleyball Coach Ciara Wheeler 



Uh-Oh! Wrong Way!-Monarch Defense 

Intro: New Soccer Coach Jared Brown 


Football Team Photo 2016 


2016 NHS Grad Robert Colon - 2016 East-West All-Star Basketball MVP 

Leads the East to a winning 118-98 game coming off the bench scoring 26 points including 5 of 10 3-pointers! 

First Day Inside Practice-"The Boss" 

PHOTO: John Sudbrink, JDNews 

First Practice Inside "NHS Practice Facility"-The NHS Cafeteria! 

Photo John Sudbrink, JDNews 

First Day Inside Practice-Stretching 


First Day Inside Practice Due To Weather 

PHOTO: John Sudbrink, JDNews  

Thank You Coach Johns! 


Thank You-Best Wishes Coach Akers! 


NHS Girls Basketball Team Meets former UNC All- American Tyler Hansbrough  

Arranged by NHS Asst Coach Paige Hollis' father-in-law who is Tyler's trainer. The girls were at NCSU Team Camp but somehow wound up at UNC?! 

Topsail 7on 7...OR 7on 24? 


"Thank You" For Our 15 Years Of Monarch Memories & For Being Our Coach!! 


Only Onslow County 2016 Players In State Softball Games 

(L-R) Rising Southwest senior Lynsi Botzenhart, rising Northside junior Maya Stanley & rising Swansboro senior Miranda Glover. Their Region 2 team won 1 of 3 games. 


Recently named Northside's 2nd Head Football Coach replacing Coach Bob Eason 2001-2015.  

He Did It Again! Our Mr Staley-North Carolina Asst Principal Of The Year! 

CONGRATULATIONS!! WAY TO GO!! Also Onslow County Asst Principal of the Year! 

NHS Cheerleaders Win 1st Place In Conference Cheer Competition! 

CONGRATULATIONS on Top Honors Med-Varsity Div 2 NCHSAA State Competition & ECC Champs! CONGRATULATIONS also to the JV Squad for placing in 2nd Place in the Small JV Div 2 NCHSAA State Competition & 2nd in ECC! 

He's Back!! WELCOME HOME Coach Tony Marshburn! 

Out-Of-Retirement Teaching PE Half Day & Coaching Boys Varsity BB AGAIN!! Our ONLY NHS BVBB COACH in School History! 

NHS Awarded "EJECTION FREE" For SY 2014-15 By NCHSAA 

A prized award contributed to by so many! 

Covering The Football Monarchs Home & Away! 

THANK YOU to "The Q", anchors Jim & Dave and their sponsors!! Lanier Signs-Jesses in Jacksonville -Southern Leisure Builders-New York Pasta and Deli-Watkins Floor Covering-Church's Chicken-State Farm Agent David Hull-The Angry Ginger Irish Pub-and... 

Football Radio Sponsors Continued 

...Piggly Wiggly Stores in Jacksonville and Maysville-Jones Onslow Electric Membership Corporation-OAJ, Ellis Airport-Sharpe Cutz Two-Golden Corral Restaurant-Denny's Restaurants in Jacksonville, Sneads Ferry and Wilmington.  

Our Coach & His Assistant 

Coach Eason & son prepare for another "recent" practice!  

A NHS LEGEND - Geron Harper ('04) 

An original Monarch (2001) who made so many "firsts" including the first football scholarship at NHS. He was "our #44 and so proud of him as a student-athlete & person! See "Featured Athlete" above 

#17 Ettian Scott ('12) Sr 6-1 180 DB Georgetown 

2014: Second Team All-Patriot League selection after tying for PL lead with four interceptions and finishing second with 16 passes defended...Started all 11 games at cornerback...Finished season with 40 tackles...Made first career interception in win at  

Dawnoven Smith ('15) NC A&T Univ Aggies Baseball 

JR #35...6-1/190...Outfield (R) Monarchs Are Proud Of You! 

Elon LB ('12) Earns Two Defensive Honors In Triple Overtime Win 

See the article in Varsity Football Headlines - GREAT job Corey Mitchell! 2015 2nd Team All-CAA with league best 116 tackles; aver 10.5/game; ranked 20th nationally. CONGRATULATIONS! Your Monarchs are proud of you! 

#22 Don Don Gainey ('12) Playing At UNC-C 

5-8/207 Playing in 49ers 1st ever football program - Your Monarchs are so PROUD of you! 

#18 Josh Cabrera ('14) Jr '17 Season 

UNC Tar Heel Wide Receiver - 6'3" 205 - GO JOSH! The Monarchs are so proud of you! visit: 

#45 Daron Humphrey UCF RS Jr 5-10 184 RB 

All-Conference All-Academic Team...Your Monarchs are proud of you! 04/12/2013-Knights Set Record with 48 C-USA Academic Medal Honorees Student-athletes honored for 3.5 GPA or better. 04/11/2013-C-USA Honors 227 Knights with Commissioner's Honor Rol 

Alexis Redd 5-8 SR Guard-St Andrews Univ 

See stats on Univ Athletic Website - Cape Fear CC Fr/Soph...Your Monarchs are proud of you! 

Ashanti Curry ('13) Sr-Track & Field-Sprints/Throws-US Naval Academy 

Your Monarchs are so PROUD of you! GO NAVY! Check out the Shot Put/Hammer Thrower @ 

Anyone Recognize This QB? 

Semi-Pro Football Hall of Fame Member! We are PROUD of you COACH! 

Freshman Dawnoven Smith's 1st Collegiate Home Run 3/6/16 

#35 NC A&T!  

2015-16 Basketball Seniors Present Lion To Coaches 

Lion is located in the front office...  

THANKS To WAVQ Basketball!! 

The "Q" Crew following the Monarchs in Playoffs. "Thank-You" to our sponsors!-Jesses in Jax-Brewed Downtown-NYPD,NY Pasta & Deli-Bradley's Jewelers-Unleashed Dog Training In Hubert-NFL Barber Shop in Jax-Sophie's Tr 

ECCC Final (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


White Oak (Photo:Todd Michalek/The Daily News) 


White Oak (Photo: Todd Michalek/The Daily News) 


East Carteret (Photo: Coach Mike Johnson) 


First Flight (Photo: Coach Mike Johnson) 


White Oak (Photo: Todd Michalek) 


East Carteret (Photo: Coach Mike Johnson) 


First Flight (Photo: Coach Mike Johnson) 


White Oak (Photo: Todd Michalek/The Daily News) 


White Oal (Photo: Todd Michalek/The Daily News) 


First Flight (Photo: Coach Mike Johnson) 


White Oak (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Opening Day Of Football Practice 

Dwayne Washington leads the Juniors in wind sprints. 


NHS QB Jake Erickson tries to avoid a Kinston tackle in the MFCU Jamboree at Liversedge Field. (Courtesy JDNews Sports) 

White Oak Stop (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


NHS Chefs 

NHS Cooks Michelle & Brad Staley cook for Staff Tailgate - Where are the STEAKS! (PHOTO: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 

White Oak (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


"Friday Night Lights"-Home Stands vs White Oak 

1st Home Game-Arrive Early! (Photo: NHS AAD Brendan Kennedy)  

White Oak (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Retired ?? (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Jacksonville (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


White Oak (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Jacksonville (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


The Family (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Jacksonville (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Jacksonville (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


You're Gonna Lose! (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


Warmups (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


South Central (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


South Central Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


Retired From Coaching But Now ???? (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 

Southwest Volleyball/Basketball Legend Bev Marley Still Giving Back! 

Jacksonville (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Lejeune (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Lejeune (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Lejeune (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Lejeune (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Lejeune (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Lejeune (Photo: Rick Scoppe/The Daily News) 


Monarch Girls Basketball To Play In Time Warner Arena January 23rd 

See Coach Chad Novelli for tickets ($26) to see 2 high school games + Hornets vs Knicks game. 

Croatan (Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


Croatan (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


Croatan (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


Croatan (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


Croatan (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


Senior Crew 2015 


Influence - Who Will He Follow? 

Probably FCA's most famous photo taken at a FCA summer camp.  

FCA Day of Champions Sat 9/26 

300+ athletes from 4 counties hosted by NHS FCA 

Jake Erickson Warming Up At Jones Sr-Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News 


Support Your NHS Athletic Teams! Go To A Game! 


Team Photo Op After Southwest Win (Photo by Kelly Schulz) 


Crucial Game-Point In 2nd Set Of Exciting ECC Game Vs Southwest  

(Photo: Angela Buchanan) 

Tennis Seniors 


"Monarchs Together" Prior To Homecoming 


Band Parents Hard At Work 


Homecoming Queen Kayla & King Brandon (Courtesy WAVQ Radio) 


Croatan Game Rainbow (Courtesy WAVQ Radio) 


New Sport Coached By Coach Novelli 


Our NHS Radio Announcers Jim & Dave (Courtesy WAVQ Radio) 


Communication! (Photo: JDNews) 




Best Dressed Asst Coach (?) 


Northside Mini-Cheerleaders (Courtesy WAVQ Radio) 


Monarch Cheerleaders (Courtesy WAVQ Radio) 


ECCC Final (Photo: John Sudbrink/The Daily News) 


2015 ECCC Champs (Photo: Chris Miller/The Daily News) 


The Monarch Roaring Approval Of The Southwest Victory 


NHS Game Field (Courtesy WAVQ Radio)S 

Where Is Everyone? 

Booster Club's History of supporting NHS Student-Athletes 



White Oak 

"Meet The Monarchs" 2016 Edition 





Havelock Defense (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDNews) 


Monarch Defense vs Swansboro (Photo: John Althouse/JDNews) 


National Anthem At White Oak 


Swimming "Needs Of The Sport" 


Getting Ready to Compete... 


Boys Relay In Action 


Girls Relay Getting Ready To Compete 


Aquaventure Swim Facility...wouldn't it be nice to have the name JACKSONVILLE as the first word? 


Micaela Martinez Wins 1st Place in 50 Freestyle & 2nd Place in 100 Freestyle at Coastal 3A Conference Championships..."on to Regionals!" 


Senior Micaela Martinez...1st Place 50 freestyle & 2nd Place 100 freestyle in 3A Coastal Conference Championships...on to Regionals!  




Conference: Girls Relay Diving In.. 


Junior Alley Urraca shoots vs White Oak2 @ NHS 


Senior Precious Jones guards vs White Oak2 (Photo: Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Monarchs making adjustments and planning the next move (Tina Brooks/JDN) 


Grace, Dominique, Alejandra relaxing before the 4x2 


Northside MONARCH - "The King!" 






Touchstone Spring Break 


Touchstone Energy Classic 


Freshman Baserunner Omar Ramirez 


Touchstone Classic Monarch Defense 


Freshman Albis Valoy hitting vs Southwest in Touchstone Classic 


Junior Jackson Kirk getting signal from 1st Base Coach 


Junior Hitter Marquis Jackson vs Southwest  


Junior Marseille Miller pitch to Southwest batter in Touchstone Spring Break Classic 


Kirk Follow Thru In Warm Up vs Southwest 


A "strike" or "hit" for the Stallions? 


Is Jackson's slide "Safe" or the other call? 


Valoy protecting the plate...swing result? 


It's a hit in rainy weather vs Cardinals in Touchstone  


Strategy vs Jacksonville... 


Ramirez delivery to Cardinals in Touchstone Classic 


Cardinal pitch on the way... 


McIntyre sprint to 1B... 

Girls Varsity Track

2 days ago

 Northside's recent State Track Championship competition brought an end to the SY 2019-20 Athletic Season and now it's time to give 100% attention to finishing the ACADEMIC year! Time is available to complete projects, reports, insure all work is turned in and Exam preparation is underway. There are several Athletic dates of importance that are coming up: * Mon 6/3...All Sports Award Ceremony - 6:00 NHS Auditorium * Mon 6/3-Fri 6/14...NCHSAA Athletic Dead Period/Weight Room Closed last 10 school days 2nd Semester * Wed 6/6...Free Athletic Physicals - 3:00 NHS Gym ... Have Physical Form Filled Out & SIGNED * Tue 6/11-Fri 6/14...EXAMS (Early Release) ... YOU must PASS to PLAY! * Summer Workouts...Check with your Coach for dates/times especially Fall Sports ... Remember: You Must Be Eligible & Have Been Approved With Your "Ticket To Play" before you can attend any workouts, team camps, passing leagues, etc. ( See Athletic Link @ ...

Read More
By Monarch Athletics   On 5/19/2019

We pay tribute to the NFHS for the structure, educational training, sport rules and their leadership for the past 100 years! ...

Read More
By NFHS   On 5/18/2019
Girls Varsity Track

6 days ago

BEST WISHES to Northside's Six State Track Championship entries: High Jump - Alejandra Urraca Triple Jump - Kayla Britt 400m - Jazmyne Bryant 4x100 Relay - Anorye Jones, Alejandra Urraca, Dominique Johnson, Kayla Britt 4x200 Relay - Grace Clark-Williams, Alejandra Urraca, Dominique Johnson, Kayla Britt 4x400 Relay - Dominique Johnson, J'sha Gift, Jazmyne Bryant, Grace Clark-Williams   as they finish preparations for their competition in the State Championship 2A-3A Track Meet at NC A&T University on Friday where they will meet the Very Best Track & Field Athletes from North Carolina. What an OPPORTUNITY & EXPERIENCE! See the State Meet SEEDINGS & EVENT SCHEDULE: ...

Read More
By Monarch Athletics/NCHSAA   On 5/15/2019
Boys Varsity Track

6 days ago

BEST WISHES to: Jaqurious Conley-Long Jump and the Boys 4x100 Relay Team-Jhadyn Maxwell, Jaqurious Conley, Aasin McDougal, Chirlo Phillips  as they finish preparations for their competition in the State Championship 2A-3A Track Meet at NC A&T University on Friday where they will meet the Very Best Track & Field Athletes from North Carolina. What an OPPORTUNITY & EXPERIENCE! See the State Meet SEEDINGS & EVENT SCHEDULE: ...

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By Monarch Athletes/NCHSAA   On 5/15/2019

Catch Up watching Nikki B. interview various inspiring women athletes in her 23 podcasts "Play Like A Girl"...the latest features a successful multi-sport athlete who suffered her career ending 5th concussion, yet turned her stressful situation into a new career of helping others; including a position with the New York Yankees! Click: ...

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By Nikki B/MaxPreps/CBS   On 5/12/2019
Boys Varsity Track

1 week ago

Don't Miss It!... An 18 yr old high school senior in Texas just ran a 100-meter dash in 9.98 seconds – that's fast enough to be Olympic final. Runner Matthew Boling, nicknamed "White Lightning," broke his school's record, and he may even be the fastest high school sprinter in the country. He will run for Georgia next year...A tail wind DQd the official time... THE RACE: Check this out: ...

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By You Tube/Mile Split   On 5/11/2019
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